February 2015

Volume 53, Number 2
Contents of the online edition

Interim Editor: Shatha Almutawa
Editorial Assistant: Jacob Ingram

From the President

The Power of Public History
By Vicki L. Ruiz

From the Executive Director

The Business of the AHA
By James Grossman


Hit by the Wrecking Ball: Historic Buildings from the Recent Past
By Shatha Almutawa


NCH Marks Numerous Achievements in 2014
By Lee White

AHA Activities

What’s in the February AHR?
By Robert A. Schneider

Actions by the AHA Council, June 2014-January 2015

129th Annual Meeting

Awards, Prizes, and Honors Conferred
Compiled By Dana Schaffer

Career Diversity for Historians at the Annual Meeting
By Emily Swafford

Historians, Activism, and Gender
By Debbie Ann Doyle

AHA 2015 in Pictures
Photos By Marc Monaghan

History and Historians in the Ukraine Crisis
By Sarah Fenton

Behind the Scenes at the Annual Meeting
By Jeanne Gardner Gutierrez and Nora Slonimsky

Digital Dispatches

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November: Modeling John Donne’s Gunpowder Day Sermon
By Seth Denbo

Letters to the Editor

On Inclusivity at the AHA
By Alfred Elkins

Wake-Up Call: Technologists' Take on History is Coming to HBO
By Mark Ciotola

Member News

In Memoriam

Thomas William Heyck
By Guy Ortolano and Meredith Veldman


The Historian and Social Justice
By Shatha Almutawa


People’s Histories in the 21st Century

Toward a People’s History of Climate Change
By Pallavi Das

Marx in the Mountains: Poverty and Environment in and outside of the Classroom
By Gregory Rosenthal

Decolonizing the Newspaper: The Historian and the Op-Ed
By Frank P. Barajas

Academia in Prison: The Role of the University in an Era of Mass Incarceration
By Kelsey Kauffman

Women’s Prison History: The Undiscovered Country
By Michelle Jones


Connecting the Dots: Why a History Degree Is Useful in the Business World
By Christopher Brooks