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Conducting Business at the AHA Business Meeting

AHA Staff | Dec 1, 2015

During the business meeting, to ensure the fair and equitable consideration of all member resolutions, the Council may, at its discretion, fix the duration of debate on any resolution during the meeting. Additionally, any resolution or main motion that is “passed by a division of the members” (i.e., anything other than a voice vote or show of hands) requires a quorum of 100 to have voted. Robert’s Rules indicates that such a division is the normal mode of voting on any measure that requires a two-thirds majority.

To attend the annual business meeting, and therefore vote, you must be a member of the AHA. If you plan to attend, please confirm in advance that your membership is up to date. AHA members may discuss the resolution online at historians.org/businessmtg.

All measures passed by the business meeting come before the AHA Council, which can accept them, refuse to concur, or exercise a veto:

◆ If accepted by the Council, the measure will be binding on the Association

◆ The Council may veto any measure that it believes to be in violation of the AHA constitution, in violation of law, or if it believes the measure financially or administratively unfeasible. The Council will publish an explanation for each such veto.

◆ If Council refuses to concur in a measure, within 90 days it must submit that measure to a majority vote of the entire membership, with proponents and Council provided an equal opportunity to set forth their positions. If approved by a majority of the members voting, the measure shall be binding on the Association.

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