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Remembering Veterans

Evelyn Edson | Dec 1, 2012

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To the Editor:

I was especially moved by J. R. McNeill's article, "Veterans and Remembrance," in part because his father, William H. McNeill, was my wonderful mentor in graduate school. Our local museum (Scottsville, Virginia) mounted an exhibit entitled "Small Town/Big War: Scottsville in World War II" several years back. It was based on oral histories, interviews with local veterans. Fortunately some of them were still living and able to be honored at our opening. If you go to our web site (click on Search, WWII), you will find pictures and remembrances of Scottsville soldiers, as well as those who served in the homefront . It is possible that there are other, similar resources out there.

—Evelyn Edson, Piedmont Virginia Community College (emerita)

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