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December 19, 2012

Perspectives Section

AHA Activities, From the Teaching Division

The latest issue of Perspectives on History celebrates 50 years of the newsletter with an engaging look forward to the future of the discipline. We would like to ask readers to contribute to that future by helping us build an extensive website devoted to teaching history. Patty Limerick, AHA’s vice president, Teaching Division, has a detailed invitation in Perspectives, explaining the motivation behind and hopes for this forthcoming resource.

“When I was a student,” Limerick writes, “it never occurred to me that a teacher in front of a class could feel intensely lonely. But over the course of nearly four decades of teaching, this has occurred to me plenty of times.

“There can be hundreds in the room with you, but as you welcome the students and plunge into the deep end of that pool of mystery called teaching, you are intensely and inescapably on your own.”

The “Teaching Tipping Points” project is looking for ways to lessen this loneliness by offering resources and a forum for teachers to connect with each other and share their experiences in the classroom. The project is looking for “narratives, stories, tales, and illustrative examples, rather than … instructions, exhortations, or prescriptions.” These could be as short as 500 words. The project is also forming an editorial board to oversee the creation of the website, work with AHA staff, and offer editorial guidance.

Interested? Read the complete invitation by Patty Limerick here.

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