March 2017

AHA Activities

Not Just for Graduate Students: Faculty and Career Diversity for Historians
By Emily Swafford

AHA Advances Efforts to Serve Two-Year College Faculty
By Dana Schaffer

AHA Council, Divisions, and Committees for 2017

In Memoriam

Ida Blom (1931–2016)
By Joan Wallach Scott

Doris Silk Goldstein (1927–2016)
By Ellen Schrecker

H. Paul Varley (1931–2015)
By Barbara Bennett Peterson

On the Cover

When Charles Upchurch first assigned Marx’s Communist Manifesto in his 19th-century European history survey course, he got some unexpected feedback from one of his students: “less Marx, more Adam Smith.” Upchurch took the student’s exhortation to heart. As the students then discovered, the invisible hand of the free market—invoked by this pair of illustrations—makes up only part of Smith’s economic philosophy, which often prioritized societal welfare over the market. Upchurch found that after working their way through Smith, students were much more willing to engage with the ideas of Marx. As he writes, he’d found a way to “bridge previously disconnected viewpoints.” In this issue, Perspectives highlights history classrooms where instructors are shaking things up.