January 2015

Volume 53, Number 1
Contents of the online edition

Associate Editor: Shatha Almutawa
Editorial Assistant: Jacob Ingram

From the President

A Quest for Balance
By Vicki L. Ruiz

From the Executive Director

History Exams and the High School Curriculum: The AHA Council Responds to New York State’s Proposed Changes to High School Exams
By James Grossman


Ex(-)Libris ex Oriente: New Database to Track the Transmission of Middle Eastern Books
By Shatha Almutawa

Jami’s Haft Awrang Undergoes Conservation at the Smithsonian
By Shatha Almutawa

The Face of the Nation: George Washington, Art, and America
By Stephanie Kingsley


Records Bills Move Forward as Congress Wraps Up for the Year
By Lee White

AHA Activities

Report of the 2014 AHA Nominating Committee
By Dane Kennedy

2015 Nominating Committee Reiterates Call for Nominations

Digital Dispatches

Ghosts and Monsters: Human-Scale Digital History at #RRCHNM20
By Seth Denbo

Letter to the Editor

In Memoriam

Frank T. Reuter

Victor R. Greene


The Man Who Floats on a Fish
By Shatha Almutawa


Assessment Forum

Confessions from the Field: Building Assessments with the History Discipline Core
By Anne Hyde

The Benefits of Self-Assessment: Measuring Historical Thinking Skills at UMass Boston
By Jonathan Chu

Creating and Administering a Primary Source Analysis
By John Buchkoski, Mikal B. Eckstrom, Holly Kizewski, and Courtney Pixler

SLO Curve Ball: What I Really Want for My Students
By Josh Ashenmiller



Teaching and Researching Roe v. Wade: Responding to Linda Kerber’s Call for Historical Action Through a Service-Learning Undergraduate Project
By Nicola Foote, Frances Davey, and Kristine De Welde


The Medium Is the Message: Teaching about Globalization in a Global Classroom
By Kris Manjapra

Career Paths

A Historian in a Professional School of Politics
By Matthew Dallek