1994 AHA Job Register Information

AHA Staff | Dec 1, 1993

The American Historical Association's annual job register provides institutions and candidates with facilities and administrative support for interviewing during the AHA annual meeting. In accordance with AHA policy, which supports open listing of employment opportunities, the annual meeting Job Register facility is open to all annual meeting participants.

Interviewing tables are located in the San Francisco Hilton in the Yosemite Room and Franciscan Rooms C and D. The Job Register hours are Thursday, January 6, 1994, 2 to 6p.m. (prearranged interviews only); Friday, January 7, 9 a.m. to 6p.m.; Saturday, January 8, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Sunday, January 9, 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

The Job Register facility adheres strictly to opening and closing times. No exceptions are made.

The AHA Job Register also provides suites in the San Francisco Hilton, January 6 through 9, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Job Register staff, based in the Yosemite Room, hold all keys and have directions to suites.

Position Announcements: The Job Register Handout lists notices of openings geographically and by specialization. Some departments announcing positions will not interview but will provide an address for further inquiries. Positions scheduled for interviews at the Job Register have generally appeared as position advertisements in a fall issue of Perspectives.

Interviewing outside the Job Register: The Association encourages all interviewing institutions to use the Job Register facilities for all interviews. In those cases when the Job Register facilities are not used, it is the responsibility of the candidate and the interviewer to make their own arrangements for the interview. The Job Register staff is not responsible for interviews taking place outside the designated Job Register facilities.

If an interviewer or interviewee cannot make an interview arranged independently of the Job Register, s/he should leave a message at the message center in the AHA registration area.

Prearranged Interviewing at the Job Register: After advertising their positions in Perspectives, many institutions contact prospective applicants and plan prearranged interviews prior to the annual meeting. Interviewees need not check in with Job Register staff before their prearranged interview but may proceed directly to the interviewer's table or suite.

Please be aware that Job Register staff do not sign up candidates for interviews. Job Register staff will collect c.v.'s, and it is the interviewers' responsibility to contact the candidates and schedule interviews.

To Arrange Interviews at the Meeting: 1) Read Job Register Handout. 2) Submit c.v.'s for selected interviewing positions at school folder tables. Candidates should submit one c.v. with an attached message sheet (provided by the Job Register) for each selected interviewing position. 3) Set up applicant folder. 4) Proceed to the job candidate folder tables, where Job Register staff will set up applicant folders. Interviewing institutions will either contact interviewees directly or leave messages in the applicant's folder. Job candidates should check their applicant folders periodically for messages.

IMPORTANT: Candidates should come prepared with a sufficient supply of c.v.'s, notepaper, and writing implements. Please do not rely on the Copy Center (fourth floor) of the hotel—the prices are often high and the lines quite long.

Many institutions find they are overwhelmed with responses to their job listing. The AHA strongly urges institutions to at least acknowledge the receipt of all c.v.'s as a professional courtesy, especially in a tight job market. C.v.' s and completed message sheets should be returned promptly to applicant folders.

The AHA Job Register is large and often confusing. To reduce stress, we strongly recommend that institutions and candidates prearrange all interviews before the annual meeting.

The AHA reminds all Job Register participants that Section 4 of the Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct also addresses fair practice in recruitment and employment. For a copy of the Statement and the addenda, please contact the Association staff at 400 A St., SE, Washington, DC 20003. (202) 544-2422.

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