Publication Date

December 1, 1993

Perspectives Section

AHA Activities

Nancy A. Hewitt, Duke University, chair of the Nominating Committee, announces the following results of the 1993 balloting for officers and committee members of the American Historical Association.



Thomas C. Holt, Univ. of Chicago


John H. Coatsworth, Harvard Univ.

Vice President, Research Division

William G. Rosenberg, Univ. of Michigan

Council Members


Place 1

Walter F. LaFeber, Cornell Univ.

Place 2

Leslie Brown, Duke Univ.

Division Members


Reid Andrews, Univ. of Pittsburgh


Patricia King, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College


Doris Meadows, Wilson Magnet High School, Rochester, NY

Committee on Committees

Place 1

N. Geoffrey Parker, Yale Univ.

Place 2

Kathy L. Peiss, Univ. of Massachusetts

Nominating Committee

Place 1

Jose Cuello, Wayne State Univ.

Place 2

Lizabeth Cohen, New York Univ.

Place 3

Sarah Maza, Northwestern Univ.

Place 4

John Wunder, Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln


Complete results will be announced at the annual business meeting in San Francisco, January 8, in Continental Parlor 8 of the San Francisco Hilton Hotel beginning at 4:45 p.m. A detailed election report will appear in the January issue of Perspectives.