December 1991

Volume 29, Number 9
Contents of the online edition

Editor: Kathy Koziara-Herbert
Assistant Editor and EIB Editor: Eve Weisberg

Washington Notes

  • Washington Notes
    by Samuel R. Gammon

Teaching Innovations

Contributing Editor: Robert Blackey

  • Lost at Sea: A Proposal for Countering Information Overload in Introductory Courses
    by John F. McClymer and Paul R. Ziegler


  • Number of New Ph.D.'s up in 1990, but Growth Appears Stalled
    by James B. Gardner

Film and Media

Contributing Editor: Robin Maw

  • Inside Lincoln and the War Within
    by Robert Brent Toplin

Archives and Research

Contributing Editor: Jacqueline Goggin

  • Historical Research in the Public Record Office, London
    by Geraldine Beech

Exhibitions and Interpretive Programs

Contributing Editors: Lonnie Bunch and Spencer Crew

  • Critical Elements of a Good Review
    by Lonnie G. Bunch and Spencer R. Crew

Annual Meeting

  • 1991 AHA Annual Meeting
  • Creating a Professional Environment at Annual Meeting Job Interviews
  • AHA Job Register 1991
  • AHA Annual Meeting: The Charms of Chicago—in December?

AHA Activities

NCC News

  • NCC News
    by Page Putnam Miller