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AHA Member Spotlight: Allison Brown

Matthew Keough | Sep 27, 2016

Allison Brown is a writer and editor at the Museum of the Bible. She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, and has been a member since 2015.

Brown_picTwitter handle: @allisonmbrown

Alma mater/s: BA (history and political science), Oklahoma State University, 2011; MA (history of Christianity–Reformation), Wheaton College, 2015

Fields of interest: Protestant Reformation, Geneva Bible, colonial America, history of transmission and translation of the Bible

When did you first develop an interest in history?
My family enjoys history and I grew up visiting historical sites—especially ones related to Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. I also had two wonderful high school teachers who taught me how to research, write, and think like a historian.

What projects are you currently working on?
I am part of a team at the Museum of the Bible that reviews, edits, and creates content for traveling exhibits, education and curriculum projects, social media channels, and the actual museum in Washington, DC. I also pursue my own research interests: resistance theory in the Protestant Reformation and how colonial New England churches practiced church discipline.

Have your interests evolved since graduation? If so, how?
My interests have expanded from the Protestant Reformation and colonial American history to the broader history of the Bible.

Is there an article, book, movie, blog etc. that you could recommend to fellow AHA members?
I recommend John Fea’s podcast The Way of Improvement Leads Home.

What do you value most about the history profession?
Our work is never done, which is frustrating at times, but also exciting. It is impossible to fully know and understand the past, so we must approach history with humility and a willingness to keep researching and learning.

Why have you continued to be a member of the AHA?
As a young historian, I value the opportunity to learn from the diverse voices of the AHA.

Other than history, what are you passionate about?
I love podcasts, Oklahoma State University sports, and baking pies.

AHA members are involved in all fields of history, with wide-ranging specializations, interests, and areas of employment. To recognize our talented and eclectic membership, AHA Today features a regular AHA Member Spotlight series.

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