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What We’re Reading: 124th Annual Meeting Edition

AHA Staff | Jan 14, 2010

Before, during, and now after the 124th Annual Meeting of the AHA, the web has been abuzz with articles, blog posts, and tweets on meeting sessions, events, topics, and the history profession in general. We’ve put together a roundup of this coverage below, but may have missed a few articles and posts. Please feel free to contribute more Meeting-related links in the comments section.

AHA Coverage

News Sources
Inside Higher Ed
At this year’s annual meeting Inside Higher Edtook a close look at the history job market, a topic on many minds. They also covered other topics, such as the content of some panels (for instance, “Is Google Good for History?) and other events.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Thomas Barlett from the Chronicle of Higher Education was able to attend, and reported on sessions that explored President Obama and Google Books in relation to history.

NPR’s Marketplace
A podcast and interview from NPR’s Marketplace covered the drop in job opportunities for PhDs in the liberal arts, with sound bites from the AHA’s Job Center.

Each annual meeting it seems like more and more historians hit the blogosphere to elaborate on topics from sessions and events at the meeting. We begin with HNN’s extensive coverage, including numerous videos, and follow up with an alphabetical listing of other blogs.


Center for History and New Media

The China Beat

Chicken Soup for My Grad Student Soul



Dan Cohen


The Historical Society

History Compass Exchanges

Knitting Clio

Legal History Blog

Making History Podcast Blog

More or Less Bunk

Parezco y digo

U.S. Intellectual History

The Way of Improvement Leads Home

Wolfe’s Tone correspondent

Miniconference on Historical Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage
The miniconference on Historical Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage (assembled following a resolution from Council at last year’s meeting), and related topics were covered in a number of news articles. We present a few here:

This year Twitter users used the #AHA2010 hashtag in their tweets from the meeting. As a number of the blog posts note, only a limited number of members took their meeting discussions onto Twitter, but check out what they had to say.

Contributors: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, and Robert B. Townsend

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