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Around the World at the 126th Annual Meeting

Elisabeth Grant | Dec 13, 2011

Sessions at the American Historical Association’s annual meetings cover nearly every time period, region, and theme that historians study. The 126th annual meeting in Chicago has sessions that address topics that span the globe, from female networks in Ireland, to German immigrants in South America, to leprosy in Hawai’i, Uganda, and Swaziland.

To better illustrate the global reach of the upcoming meeting, we’ve selected just a few of the hundreds of sessions in the Program and placed them on the map below, according to the location the scholarship in the session addresses.

Some sessions are so globally focused that we pinned them in multiple places on the map. For example, session 73, Cultures and Corpses: Death in Three World Cities—New York, Alexandria, and Beijing, shows up in the U.S., China, and Egypt and session 89, Leprosy in a Global Community, 1866–1951, appears in Hawai’i, Uganda, and Swaziland.

While the map above features just a few of the hundreds of sessions at the upcoming annual meeting, we hope it illustrates how broad the scholarship will be at the 126th annual meeting.

Sessions Highlighted on the Map Above

Again, this is just a sample of the sessions at the upcoming 126th annual meeting. Check out the Program for a complete list of all sessions, tours, and events.

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