September 2016

Perspectives on Democracy

By Allison Miller and James Grossman

China: Vicissitudes of Definitions
By Peter Zarrow

The United States: Self-Taught Activism
By Johann N. Neem

India: Collective Assembly as a Critical Practice
By Ramnarayan Rawat

Brazil: Regional Equality—Whose Vote Counts?
By Barbara Weinstein

Senegal: Gender and Colonial Legacies
By Emily Lord Fransee

The United Kingdom: Class, Race, and Identity
By Charlotte Lydia Riley

From the President

Democracy and its Variations
By Patrick Manning

From the Executive Director

From Obligation to Opportunity
By James Grossman

From the Editor

Townhouse Notes
By Allison Miller

Letters to the Editor

Accessibility at the AHA Headquarters
By Jesse Lemich

Defining a Public Historian
By Robert W. Passfield


AHA Survey Finds Fewer Students Enrolling in College History Courses
By Julia Brookins 

Linking In: How Historians Are Fighting Wikipedia's Biases
By Sadie Bergen

Black Pasts Matter: Charting the Future of African American History
By Elizabeth Elliot and Dana L. Schaffer | Photographs by Leah L. Jones

From the Professional Division

Understanding the Role of the AHA's Professional Division
By Philippa Levine

From the National Coalition for History

New Life for FOIA: Holding Government Accountable through Access to Federal Records
By Lee White

AHA Annual Meeting

Why Denver? A Habitat for Historians
by Patty Limerick

Welcome to Denver: A Sneak Preview of the 131st Annual Meeting
by Debbie Ann Doyle

On to Denver: The 131st Annual Meeting at a Glance

AHA Activities

Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges: Globalizing the US History Survey, Supporting Those Who Teach It
By Dana Schaffer and Sarah Fenton 

Actions by the AHA Council, January to June 2016

Announcing the Inaugural Eugenia M. Palmegiano Prize in the History of Journalism

Donors to the Association

2016 AHA Election Results

"There Be Monsters": Debunking Five Myths about Career Diversity for Historians
by Emily Swafford

AHA Names 2016-17 Jameson and NASA Fellows
by Elizabeth Elliott

Career Paths

Building Bridges: History PhDs and K-12 Curriculum Development
By Nicole Gilbertson

In Memoriam

Carolyn P. Boyd (1944-2015)
By James Boyden, Andrew H. Lee, and Timothy Tackett

Richard W. Davis (1935-2015)
By Daniel J. Sargent

On the Cover

Cover for the September 2016 Perspectives

Inspired by the social movements of the late 1960s and early 1970s, Los Angeles artist John August Swanson created a series of collages, reproduced as seriographs, that he called "exploding newspapers." These combined overexposed photographs, lettering, stamps, and words that were meaningful to him. Seeds of Brotherhood (1973), reproduced on our cover, is one "exploding newspaper" that seems to capture the essence of democracy for us: optimistic, with an underlying order that belies its first impression, and full of people. John August Swanson, Seeds of Brotherhood. Copyright 1973 by John August Swanson. Serigraph, 17.5" x 23".