October 2016

From the Editor

Townhouse Notes
By Allison Miller

From the President

History, Science, and Community: Native American Pasts
By Patrick Manning

From the Executive Director

Some Notes on Safe Spaces
By James Grossman and Sadie Bergen


Seoul Custody: A Discovery in LA’s Old Koreatown Sets Off a Dispute
By Kritika Agarwal and Sang June Oh

Book History: A Perspectives Quick Study
By Stephanie Kingsley

Who Are Those Guys? S. Paul O’Hara’s Inventing the Pinkertons
By Elizabeth Elliott

Updates on the AHA’s Advocacy Efforts

From the Teaching Division

Addressing the Issue of Declining Enrollments
By Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt

From the Committee on Minority Historians

Understanding the Role of the CMH in the AHA
By Melissa Nicole Stuckey

From the National History Center

Decolonization Seminar Alumni Reunite
By Amanda Moniz


Does British History Matter Anymore? Reflections on Brexit
By Dane Kennedy

Perspectives on Culture

Generation Past: The Story of the Landmark Books
By David Spear

AHA Annual Meeting

Map Quests: Scaling the Past in the Digital Age
By Chad Gaffield

"Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism in Global Perspective": The 132nd Annual Meeting Call for Proposals and Theme
By Tyler Stovall, Antoinette Burton, and Rick Halpern

Professional Development and Career Resources at the Denver Annual Meeting
By Emily Swafford and Philippa Levine

AHA Activities

Nominations Invited for AHA Offices, Terms Beginning January 2018
By Liz Townsend

In the October Issue of the American Historical Review
By Alex Lichtenstein

Book Smart: The Role of Editorial Assistants at the American Historical Review
By Adrienne Chudzinski

Career Paths

Journey in Reverse: From Public Humanities to Academic Administration
By Amanda Jeanne Swain

In Memoriam

Andrew Robert Lee Cayton (1954-2015)
By Fred Anderson

Thomas Main Doerflinger (1952-2015)
By Fred Anderson

James Green (1944-2016)
By Linda Gordon

Gerald N. Grob (1931-2015)
By George Athan Billias

Plamen Tzvetkov (1951-2015)
By Albena Bakratcheva

On the Cover

Cover for the October 2016 Perspectives

For this special issue devoted to teaching the history of sexuality and of LGBT people, three authors reflect on the topics’ place in the curriculum. As our authors show, addressing widespread student demands for this knowledge can allow faculty to rethink the way they teach survey courses. Historians can even look for ideas in K–12 frameworks of the sort California’s board of education just passed. As shown in our cover photograph, taken in 1991 at a protest by the Lesbian Avengers in New York City, teaching children about LGBT lives has been controversial for many years. Historians today, however, are leading the way to a more inclusive K–16 curriculum. Find out how inside. Photograph: Donna Binder