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Perspectives for Your Phone (or Kindle or Tablet or Laptop…)

Allen Mikaelian | May 7, 2014

We are pleased to announce the release of e-book versions of Perspectives on History, available for download now at historians.org.

This month, and this month only, we are making the e-book version freely available to anyone who would like to take it for a spin on their smartphone, tablet, e-book reader, or laptop. In September, when Perspectives returns from its summer hiatus, these formats will be available only to members of the American Historical Association (who will continue to get the print version as well).May_Cover1

We don’t think the e-book version will ever supplant the print version (our readers strongly prefer flipping through Perspectives’ printed pages), but for those who want to start their browsing before the postal service delivers their copies, or who want the convenience of having the issue at hand during a commute, on the plane, or at the beach, the e-book format will be a welcome complement.

Membership in the AHA will give you access to the most convenient, attractive, and complete versions of Perspectives—e-book, PDF, and, of course, the printed and mailed paper copy. Membership rates are available on a sliding scale and the student rate is lower than the cost of many yearly magazine subscriptions.

We hope you enjoy the e-book version and let us know what you think.

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