March 2014

March 2014

Volume 52, Number 3
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Editor: Allen Mikaelian
Associate Editor: Shatha Almutawa

State of the Field

The Social in the Machine: How Historians of Technology Look Beyond the Object
By Barbara Hahn


Why Caribbean History Matters
By Lillian Guerra

Career Paths

A Historian in the World of Investments: How Historical Thinking Resonates in Business
By Chris McNickle

On the Cover

March 2014In her article in this issue on the history of technology, Barbara Hahn reminds us that technological change doesn't move in a linear fashion, so historians of technology study not just what works, but also failures, fantasies, and forgotten solutions. "Eschewing the linear model leads historians of technology to study technological failure, which identifies the elements that help a technology work," Hahn writes.

Voyage a la Lune, hand- colored lithograph, c. 1865-70. Tissandier Collecti on, Library of Congress.