February 2018

From the Editor

Townhouse Notes
By Allison Miller

From the President

A Report to Members about AHA Action on Sexual Harassment
By Mary Beth Norton

From the Executive Director

Past Tense: History and Its Abuses in Washington
By James Grossman


A Difficult Past: Interpreting Slavery at Presidential Plantations
By Zoë Jackson

Familial Intrigue: A Historian’s Attic Reveals Secrets from the Past
By Jill Wharton

From the Graduate and Early Career Committee

History’s Future: What the AHA Might Do for Emerging Scholars
By Anita Casavantes Bradford

AHA Activities

Focus on Faculty: Next Steps in the AHA Career Diversity for Historians Initiative
By Emily Swafford

Gender and Work: In the February Issue of the American Historical Review
By Alex Lichtenstein

Actions by the AHA Council: June 2017 to January 2018

In Memoriam

Cissie Fairchilds (1944–2017)
By Jack R. Censer, Linda L. Clark, and Michael B. Miller

Peter A. Porter (1967–2017)
By Dermot Quinn

On the Cover

Every February issue of Perspectives is devoted to the AHA annual meeting just concluded. If you missed AHA18, take a look at Eladio Bobadilla’s recap, accompanied by our photographer Marc Monaghan’s signature imagery. If you were there but missed the sessions on genealogy and genetics, former AHA assistant editor Sadie Bergen assesses the issues underlying the discussions. Perspectives is proud to promote the work of these graduate students! Photo: Marc Monaghan