December 2014

Volume 52, Number 9
Contents of the online edition

Editor: Allen Mikaelian
Associate Editor: Shatha Almutawa
Editorial Assistant: Jacob Ingram

From the President

The AHA Taxonomy Project, Part 2: The Members Speak, and the President Thanks Them
By Jan Goldstein

From the Executive Director

Member Participation and the AHA
By James Grossman

From the Vice Presidents

Pathogens of the Caribbean: The Prequel
By J. R. McNeill


Controversy Surrounds Department of Defense Commemorative Website
By Emily Swafford

Beyond the "Seven Speak-Nots": History Education in China
By Shatha Almutawa

The Earnings Potential of History Majors: New Studies Detail the Gender Gap, Long-Term Prospects, and the Impact of Graduate Degrees
By Allen Mikaelian


History Coalition Update: Progress on Adjunct Faculty Assistance, New Outreach Efforts
By Lee White

AHA Activities

What's in the December AHR?
By Robert A. Schneider

Roger Chartier Selected as Honorary Foreign Member for 2014
By Jan Goldstein

AHA Welcomes New Staff Member

Digital Dispatches

Doing History Digitally: Taking Advantage of Training Opportunities to Learn New Methods and Approaches
By Seth Denbo

Letter to the Editor

In Memoriam

Susan Rita Schrepfer


Perspectives as a Public Forum
By Allen Mikaelian




The AP US History Wars: Is a Peace Process Possible?
By Jonathan Burack

Thinking Historically about STEM


THEMAS Is WWRN: Why STEM Students Need an H

Genetics as a Historicist Discipline: A New Player in Disease History
By Monica H. Green


Back to the Source: Teacher-Professor Collaborations, Primary Source Instruction, and the Amherst Project, 1960–1972
By William Weber

Rethinking Graduate Education in History: A Five-Year Assessment
By Jonathan Rose

Career Paths

From Academia to a Think Tank: Reflections on How to Be Lucky
By Ted Bromund

The 129th Annual Meeting

How to Act Like a New Yorker
By Valerie Paley

Exploring Career Horizons at AHA 2015
By Liz Townsend and Emily Swafford