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December 19, 2014

The results are in, and ready to be poured out!

With over 100 respondents to our poll, the two clear-cut winners emerged early on and effectively ran away with the contest.

Here are the “also-ran” entrants from this year’s crop of libations:

Name Votes Percent
Brooklyn’s 21 Elephants 3 3%
The Coney Island Steeplechaser 8 7%
Carnegie Melon Ball 12 10%
Curse of the Bambino 11 10%
The King’s Two Toddies 11 10%
Needs More Proof 17 15%
Last Call at Tammany Hall 21 18%

Keeping things interesting was our first runner-up:

Name Votes Percent
History from the Bottoms-Up 39 34%

And now onto our two winners!
Proving that historians love a classic cocktail:

Name Votes Percent
The Manhattan Project 44 38%
The Return of Martini Guerre 48 42%

The final breakdown of the voting looks like this (Finalists listed alphabetically):

Cocktail Chart

So congratulations to our two winning beverages! And cheers to Julia Irwin, associate professor of history at the University of South Florida, who is clearly in a league of her own. This year’s top three voted entrants were all a product of her historical mind, in addition to last year’s winner, “Ryes of American Democracy.” We look forward to seeing her in New York to celebrate her contributions to the annual meeting.


Visit the blog again soon for details and the recipe for each cocktail.

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