December 1997

Volume 35, Number 9
Contents of the online edition

Editor: Robert B. Townsend
Managing Editor: Pillarisetti Sudhir
Assistant Editor: Susan W. Gillespie

From the President's Desk

From the Director's Desk


  • Historical Society to Transfer Some Historic Objects
  • New Center for Humanities Taking Shape in New York
  • Historic Places in Danger: The National Trust List


Contributing Editor: David Trask

Professional Issues

Contributing Editor: Gail Savage

  • Downsizing in the Nineties
    by Linda Pomerantz
  • Downsizing Hits Home
    by Greg O'Brien


AHA Activities

  • 1997 AHA Election Results

Annual Meeting

  • Seattle: More Than Just a Meeting Site
    by Scott Cline and Richard H. Engeman
  • Traveling to the 1998 Annual Meeting: Final Reminders
  • Graduate Students and the Annual Meeting
    by Vernon Horn
  • Important Details about the Annual Meeting
  • A Feast of Delights: Eating Out in Seattle
    by Amy Kinsel
  • American Historical Association 1998 General Meeting

Film and Media

Contributing Editor: Robert Brent Toplin

Affiliated Societies

  • The Peace History Society: Scholars Explore a World Without War
    by Frances Early

Letters to the Editor

  • Amy S. Greenberg
  • Jonathan Coopersmith
  • John Raby
  • Donald G. Wileman

NCC Advocacy Update

  • December 1997
    by Page Putnam Miller