Publication Date

December 1, 1997

Meeting Registration

AHA meeting registration will be located in the Washington State Convention and Trade Center's Fourth Level Lobby. Hours of operation are Thursday, January 8, from 12 to 7 p.m.; Friday, January 9, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Saturday, January 10, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Registration rates at the meeting are $70 for members, $90 for nonmembers, $40 for students/unemployed, and $10 for precollegiate teachers.

Individuals who have preregistered and book exhibitors should go to desks marked "Preregistration" and "Exhibitors" to collect badges and other meeting material. Participants registering at the meeting should enroll at desks marked “Registration.” Preregistration and registration areas will be divided alphabetically into several workstations. Meeting participants can also pay AHA membership dues and purchase AHA publications at the "Membership" and "Publications" desks. Publications can be examined at the Association's Exhibit Booths 401 and 403 located on the sixth floor in the center's Ballroom 6A-C.

Please note that advance registrants unable to attend the meeting can request a full refund of their registration fee if a written request accompanied by the meeting confirmation card is postmarked by or on December 20, 1997. Proof of payment, either by front and back copy of canceled check or by credit card statement, may also be required.

Locator File, Information Desks, Bulletin Boards

The Locator File and bulletin boards will also be located in the Convention Center's Fourth Level Lobby. Individuals can return completed locator file cards at the receiving desk of the Locator File. Throughout the course of the meeting, attendees can consult Locator Desk workers for information on colleagues. Desks will be divided alphabetically into several workstations. Members are advised that very few cards will be received on Thursday, January 8. By far the busiest time period, both for depositing cards at the receiving desk and requesting information at Locator Desks, will be Friday morning, January 9. Ten workers and a Local Arrangements Committee supervisor will be on hand to accept cards and to file as quickly as possible—participants' patience and understanding while workers integrate cards into the card files will be appreciated.

The bulletin boards will serve both as informal message centers and as a place to announce special meetings, changes, and so on. Items posted on the bulletin boards will be arranged alphabetically—attendees posting signs or looking for information should also observe this system.

Information about the annual meeting, Seattle, and the AHA will be available at the Information Desks located in the registration area.

Meal Ticket Cashier

Tickets for meal events—except those sponsored by organizations that sell their own tickets—will be available from the meal ticket cashiers at the "Meal Ticket Cashier" desk in the registration area. All payments must be made in U.S. currency, by cash or traveler's check. Meal ticket cashiers will have a list of all luncheons and if the sponsoring organizations will have tickets available for sale at the annual meeting.

A limited number of tickets for the annual Breakfast Meeting of the AHA Committee on Women Historians will be available through the cashiers on a first-come, first-served basis. These tickets will be $15. Breakfast tickets prepaid through the meeting preregistration form should also be picked up at the meal ticket cashier's window prior to the event Saturday morning.

Eleven luncheons will be held during the annual meeting, four on Friday, January 9, and seven on Saturday, January 10.

Schedule of Luncheon Meetings

Friday, January 9: Conference on Asian History; Conference on Latin American History; Organization of History Teachers; Phi Alpha Theta.

Saturday, January 10: Advanced Placement American and European History; American Catholic Historical Association; Coordinating Council for Women in History; History Department Chairs; AHA Modern European History Section; Polish American Historical Association; Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations.

Please see the Program, pages 81 and 111-112, for locations and details on luncheon speakers and topics.

Affiliated Society Display

Convention Center Room 613 (up the escalators from AHA Registration) has been reserved on Friday, January 9, for affiliated societies to display materials and to meet with members of the profession. Drop by and examine publications and collect membership forms.

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