December 1996

Volume 34, Number 9
Contents of the online edition

Editor: Wendi A. Maloney
Assistant Editor: Pillarisetti Sudhir

From the President's Desk


  • NEH and Mellon Foundation Form Multimillion-Dollar Funding Partnership
  • The Future of European History: One Alternative
    by Thomas W. Gallant and George Esenwein
  • Max Planck Institute for History in Gottingen Threatened with Closure

Annual Meeting

  • Walking the City: Historic New York
    by Eric Wakin and Seth Kamil
  • Corrections to Annual Meeting Program
  • Dining in New York City: Annual Meeting Restaurant Guide
    by Sandi E. Cooper
  • 1997 AHA General Meeting
  • Important Details about the Annual Meeting
  • Annual Meeting to Feature a Variety of Teaching Sessions
    by Peter Stearns
  • Annual Meeting to Offer Sessions of Interest to Graduate Students
  • American Historical Association Guidelines for Interviewing
  • Final Reminders for Members Traveling to New York City
  • New York City Museums and Libraries Offer a Wide Variety of Attractions
    by Emily Sohmer Tai

Teaching Innovations

Contributing Editor: Robert Blackey

  • Starting from Scratch: Shifting from Western Civ. to World History
    by Thomas W. Davis

AHA Activities

  • AHA Election Results
  • AHA Issues Advisory Opinion on Age Discrimination
  • AHA Welcomes New Staff Members
  • AHA Nominating Committee Encourages Members to Recommend Candidates for 1997 Elections
    by Arthur Zilversmit
  • AHA President Awarded Barzun Prize in Cultural History
  • Association Thanks 1996 Endowment Donors


  • December 1996

Letters to the Editor

  • Charles G. Palm
  • J. Arch Getty
  • Mark C. Carnes
  • William Rosenberg
  • Natalie Zemon Davis
  • Kathleen Sheldon

In Memoriam

NCC Advocacy Update

  • December 1996
    by Page Putnam Miller