AHA Activities

AHA Election Results

AHA Staff, December 1992

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, I am pleased to report the results of the 1992 election for AHA offices. (Elected candidates are indicated with an asterisk.)

Total Ballots Processed 3,507

President (one-year term)

*Louise A. Tilly, New School for Social Research (European social) 2,775

President-elect (one-year term)

*Thomas C. Holt, University of Chicago (African-American; 19th c. U.S.; Southern) 1,836

Joan M. Jensen, New Mexico State University (20th c. U.S.; women) 1,425

Vice President, Professional Division (three-year term)

David Brody, University of California, Davis (American) 1,598

*Drew Gilpin Faust, University of Pennsylvania (U.S. South; Civil War; cultural) 1,646

Council Members (three-year terms)

Place 1

Gale Peterson, Cincinnati Historical Society (recent American political) 1,331

*Donald A. Ritchie, U.S. Senate Historical Office (U.S. political; oral; public) 1,713

Place 2

Lisa M. Bitel, University of Kansas (medieval Europe) 1,218

*Mary Elizabeth Perry, Occidental College & UCLA (Spanish) 1,744

Division Members (three-year terms)


Richard L. Greaves, Florida State University (Reformation) 1,440

*Claire G. Moses, University of Maryland, College Park (women's; modern France) 1,611


Patricia Nelson Limerick, University of Colorado at Boulder (western American) 1,372

*Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, University of New Hampshire (U.S.; colonial) 1,785


David A. Berry, Essex County (NJ) College (social/intellectual; world) 1,140

*James J. Lorence, University of Wisconsin Center-Marathon County (U.S. diplomatic; 20th c.) 1,688

Committee on Committees (three-year term)

Susan Porter Benson, University of Missouri-Columbia (U.S., 1880-present) 1,371

*Ramón A. Gutiérrez, University of California, San Diego (colonial Latin America) 1,785

Nominating Committee (three-year terms)

Place 1

*Sylvia M. Jacobs, North Carolina Central University (African-American) 1,830

Jeffrey T. Sammons, New York University (African-American; sport) 1,068

Place 2

*James R. Grossman, The Newberry Library (American) 1,712

David Wigdor, Library of Congress (modern American) 1,309

Place 3

*Marcia L. Colish, Oberlin College (medieval; Renaissance) 1,663

William J. Courtenay, University of Wisconsin-Madison (medieval) 1,307

The total number of ballots cast was 3,507, an increase of eighty-five over last year. Seventy-nine ballots arrived after the November 1 deadline and could not be counted.

Again, the National Computer Systems of Burnsville, Minnesota, scanned the ballots and tabulated the results. Only forty-eight ballots needed to be handcounted. Some voters registered their opinions about the candidates, and the committee will review these criticisms and comments at its next meeting, in February 1993.