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Now Available at Perspectives Online—the AHA and Career Paths for Historians

Allen Mikaelian | Apr 17, 2013

In the April issue of Perspectives on History, we featured an opinion piece by Nicholas Sarantakes, who teaches history at the US Naval War College and has been writing about careers for historians at his blog, In the Service of Clio since 2009. As Sarantakes noted in a recent blog post, he didn’t get to cover everything he wanted to cover in his article, which makes a number of suggestions for how the AHA might address the academic jobs crisis.

Sarantakes is now continuing the discussion on his blog, where he expands on what he sees as the difference between “History vs. Applied History vs. Public History.” Sarantakes argues that recognition of “applied history” is critical to creating an expanded vision of career paths for historians.

For the benefit of readers of In the Service of Clio who are not AHA members, we are removing the members-only gate on Sarantakes’ Perspectives article. Readers who start with the Perspectives article may pick up the conversation from Sarantakes’ April 4 blog post, and the substantial comment it received from Lance R. Blyth, Command Historian, NORAD and US Northern Command, who presented at the last AHA annual meeting as part of the Malleable PhD mini-conference.

We welcome readers’ comments and reactions.

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