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A-HA Moments in Atlanta

Jon Middaugh | Jan 21, 2016

The AHA received many rave reviews of the 2016 annual meeting in Atlanta, including this poem from attendee Jon Middaugh. The poem will also be published in the February issue of Perspectives on History.

Photo 1.Marriott

A “whale-bone corset.” Marc Monaghan.

ATL to DCA, delayed,
affords post rush reflection.

Welcoming, conscientious, practical program,
gracious hosts, helpful guides;
tasty hors d’oeuvres, cool bartenders,
energized organizers, running strong.

At an introductory gathering,
the older veteran asks,
“what are you looking
for at the conference?”

Responding, the young attendee
turns toward her friend
and slowly mouths, “J-O-B.”

Meanwhile, hotel layouts inspire,
offering humorous, navigational joy
stepping down into a
Marriott’s whale-bone corset.

Up (down?) to skyway,
Oh that’s right, back
down to the level
with the particular ballroom.

Pursuing variety this year,
military, Irish, world, Latin
American, Freemasons, LGBT, Tuning,
and triple Pulitzer winner.

Oh Saturday night buzz,
exhale, smile, even revel . . .
unless you must present
or catch early flight.

Confederate hub, Sherman’s present,
South, and new South,
Coca Cola’s Rise, MLK’s
Prize, Human Rights, Hartfield’s

lights fade with Atlanta,
and Clio’s multifaceted musings.

Jon Middaugh works as a historian at the US Army Center for Military History in Washington, DC. He currently is writing a history of the Army National Guard in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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