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What We’re Reading: 126th Annual Meeting Edition

AHA Staff | Jan 12, 2012

While Twitter provided a space for quick commentary on the 126th annual meeting, more detailed coverage of sessions, events, and discussions on the history profession at the meeting can be found in a number of news articles and blog posts online.

Today, we’ve rounded up of coverage of the 126th annual meeting, from the AHA itself, to the New York Times, Chronicle, and Insider Higher, to the blogosphere. If we’ve overlooked any articles or posts on the meeting, please feel free to share links to them in the comments section below.

And check back here at AHA Today for at least one more session post, as well as links to multiple videos from the meeting.

AHA Coverage
Blog posts from the 126th annual meeting, prepared by members of the AHA staff.

Jim Grossman welcome to the 126th annual meeting of the AHAWelcome

Main Events


An Undergraduate Perspective

Daily Overviews

AHA Executive Director Jim Grossman and former AHA President Anthony Grafton sat down for interviews on the 126th annual meeting, the history of the AHA, and state of the history profession.

Radio 720 WGN interview with Jim Grossman about 126th annual meeting of AHARadio 720 WGN


Coverage of the 126th annual meeting from a number of news outlets and perspectives.


Chicago Tribune

The Chronicle

In These Times

Inside Higher Ed

New York Times article on 126th annual meeting AHANew York Times

Windy City Times

We begin our blog coverage round up with HNN’s extensive coverage, including numerous videos, and follow up with an alphabetical listing of other blogs.

HNN coverage of 126th annual meeting AHAHNN
The History News Network covered the 126th annual meeting extensively, reporting on as well as filming a number of sessions and events.


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Twitter 126th annual meetingTwitter
This post from earlier today provides highlights from the Twitter stream of the 126th annual meeting. For a more complete picture of the Twitter activity at the meeting, see the following roundups of tweets.

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