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How to Not Fail as President

Elisabeth Grant | Jan 12, 2009

Britannica Blog 10 Worst Mistakes by U.S. PresidentsOn Friday, the Encyclopedia Britannica blog introduced a two-week blog post series on “The 10 Worst Decisions by U.S. Presidents,” leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Obama (perhaps he should take notes). Writing the posts in this series is author Thomas Craughwell, who has written a recent book on presidential failures as well as the book Stealing Lincoln’s Body.

The series begins today with number 10 in the bad decision countdown. A new post presenting a new snafu will go up each day until the series concludes next week, “ending on the chief presidential mistake in history that Barack Obama should take heed of and try to avoid.”

Of course selecting and ranking mistakes is a subjective and biased endeavor, and therefore the Britannica blog is looking to historians to weigh in (in the comments section) with their opinions. What do you think are the biggest presidential mistakes in history?

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