Submission Guidelines for Teaching Articles

Perspectives on History and Perspectives Daily strongly encourage contributions related to the teaching of history at all educational levels. Submissions to Perspectives on History should be about 1,500 words in length. Submissions to Perspectives Daily should be about 800–1,000 words.

Submissions should adhere to three main guidelines.

  1. The article should focus as much as possible on students and learning. Authors should try to relate their classroom experiences, lesson plans, and/or pedagogical principles to student learning, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson, tool, etc., from students’ points of view. Course evaluations may attest to a positive outcome, but their inherent drawbacks are well known. For ideas about how to evaluate learning outcomes, consult the resources generated by the AHA’s Tuning project.
  1. The article should acknowledge, discuss, and/or link to relevant pedagogical literature. It’s often the case that many instructors have encountered the same problem before or have tried similar strategies to enhance learning. Authors should consider how their approach differs and/or builds on others’ approaches, including those in disciplines other than history (e.g., writing).
  1. The AHA provides a wealth of teaching resources on our website. Please consult them before submitting an article to make sure that we don’t already provide a fair number of resources on the subject.