October 2015

130th Annual Meeting

Welcome to Atlanta: The Miracle Modern City 
By Jennifer Dickey

Historians Offer Perspectives on Incarceration
By Seth Denbo

131st Annual Meeting

The 131st Annual Meeting Call for Proposals and Theme

By Patrick Manning, Anand A. Yang, and Edda L. Fields-Black

AHA Activities

In the October Issue of the American Historical Review
By Alex Lichtenstein

Nominations Invited for AHA Offices, Terms Beginning January 2017
By Liz Townsend

In Memoriam

Sheldon Hackney, 1933–2013
By Raymond Arsenault

Thomas Head, 1956–2014
By Richard Belsky

David E. Kyvig, 1944–2015
By Alan M. Kraut

Terence Ranger, 1929–2015
By Allen Isaacman

Robert Solomon Wistrich, 1945–2015
By Eli Lederhendler

On the Cover

Cover of 2015 September issue, which features a graphic imagining of a silhouette of a student looking on a horizon with a high school and a college campus.Our cover this month has a double meaning. We’re delighted to present a behind-the-scenes take from Bart Elmore on researching and writing his book, Citizen Coke: The Making of Coca-Cola Capitalism. Elmore shows us how researching the soft drink, ingredient by ingredient, yielded insights about the history of US capitalism. As it turns out, Elmore is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, where the AHA will be holding its 2016 annual meeting, January 7–10. In our expanded meeting coverage this fall, you’ll find nuts and bolts of conference-going, but we also hope you’ll discover Atlanta. Photograph by Isabelle Smeall.