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Outstanding AHA Committee Appointments Finalized for 2013 Service

Sharon K. Tune | May 1, 2013

The March issue of Perspectives listed the Association's committee structure for 2013. The following appointments complete outstanding openings and indicate replacements of committee members who have resigned.

  • Adams Book Prize Committee (European history, ancient through modern): David Nirenberg (Univ. of Chicago) replaces A. Katie Harris (Univ. of California, Davis).

  • Beer Book Prize Committee (European international since 1895): Lora Wildenthal (Rice Univ.) replaces Anthony Adamthwaite (Univ. of California, Berkeley).

  • Beveridge Book Award Committee (US, Latin America, Canada): Cornelia Dayton (Univ. of Connecticut).

  • Gershoy Book Award Committee (17th- & 18th-century western Europe): Richard Kagan (Johns Hopkins Univ.).

  • Jameson Award (editing historical sources): Lisa Wolverton (Univ. of Oregon) replaces David Eltis (Emory Univ.).

  • Kelly Book Prize Committee (women's history/feminist theory): Philippa Levine (Univ. of Texas at Austin).

  • Wesley-Logan Book Prize Committee (African diaspora): Walter Rucker (Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).

  • Roelker Mentorship Award: Thomas Heaney (Feather River Coll.).

  • Schmitt Research Grant (Europe, Asia, Africa): Michael A. Osborne (Oregon State Univ.) replaces Sumit Guha (Rutgers Univ.-New Brunswick) and will serve as chair.

-Sharon K. Tune

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