AHA Activities

Outstanding AHA Committee Appointments Finalized for 2013 Service

Sharon K. Tune, May 2013

The March issue of Perspectives listed the Association's committee structure for 2013. The following appointments complete outstanding openings and indicate replacements of committee members who have resigned.

  • Adams Book Prize Committee (European history, ancient through modern): David Nirenberg (Univ. of Chicago) replaces A. Katie Harris (Univ. of California, Davis).

  • Beer Book Prize Committee (European international since 1895): Lora Wildenthal (Rice Univ.) replaces Anthony Adamthwaite (Univ. of California, Berkeley).

  • Beveridge Book Award Committee (US, Latin America, Canada): Cornelia Dayton (Univ. of Connecticut).

  • Gershoy Book Award Committee (17th- & 18th-century western Europe): Richard Kagan (Johns Hopkins Univ.).

  • Jameson Award (editing historical sources): Lisa Wolverton (Univ. of Oregon) replaces David Eltis (Emory Univ.).

  • Kelly Book Prize Committee (women's history/feminist theory): Philippa Levine (Univ. of Texas at Austin).

  • Wesley-Logan Book Prize Committee (African diaspora): Walter Rucker (Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).

  • Roelker Mentorship Award: Thomas Heaney (Feather River Coll.).

  • Schmitt Research Grant (Europe, Asia, Africa): Michael A. Osborne (Oregon State Univ.) replaces Sumit Guha (Rutgers Univ.-New Brunswick) and will serve as chair.

-Sharon K. Tune