January 2018

The Mechanics of Class Participation


By Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt

Points of Interest

Encouraging Class Participation with the Preparatory "Point Paragraph"
By Lendol Calder

Never Too Far Away

Tools for Engaging Students Remotely 
By Susan Rhodes Neel

A Dot Matrix

Rewarding Class Commentary
By Charles S. Young

Are We Giving Students Something Worthwhile to Talk About?

By David A. Gerber

AHA Activities

Leading Historian: An Interview with New AHA President Mary Beth Norton
By Allison Miller

Career Paths

For the Love of Teaching: My Journey from Graduate School to High School
By Katharina Matro

In Memoriam

Otis L. Graham Jr. (1935–2017)
By James M. Banner Jr.

On the Cover

What’s the best way to represent “class participation” visually? We rejected the idea of featuring a large class full of students raising their hands. It was a cliché, and not all kinds of participation include speaking aloud. So we chose an engineering schematic from the early 20th century, reasoning that student participation is essential to a well-oiled classroom. The four authors in our special section attest to this principle.Cover image: “Engineering: Large Cogs Meshing Together . . .”/Wellcome Images via Wikimedia Commons