February 1995

Volume 33, Number 2
Contents of the online edition

Editor: Robert B. Townsend
Associate Editor: Wendi A. Maloney

From the Director's Desk


  • H-Net Now Offering 56 Lists for Humanists and Social Scientists

Teaching Innovations

Contributing Editor: Robert Blackey

  • Distant Neighbors: Teaching about the Caribbean
    by Colin A. Palmer

Professional Concerns

  • Rapid Increases in New History Ph.D.'s Appear to Ease

Archives and Research

Contributing Editor: Jacqueline Goggin

  • Why History Students Should Take Library Science Classes
    by Daniel K. Blewett

Annual Meeting

  • Annual Meeting Highlights: Chicago 1995
  • Highlights from the 1995 General Meeting Awards Ceremony


AHA Activities

  • Council Resolves Support for NEH
  • Association Expresses Concern about House Office of the Historian

Affiliated Societies

  • WWTSA Convenes "America at War" Conference

NCC Advocacy Update

  • NCC Advocacy Update
    by Page Putnam Miller