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Video: The AHA Job Center How-To Guide

AHA Staff | Dec 15, 2009

Attention job seekers who are about to use the AHA’s Job Center! Just in time for its 124th Annual Meeting in San Diego, the AHA presents a new explanatory video to help guide new and previous users through its Job Center. Titled "Job Center: A How-To Guide for First-Time Users" the new video the shares some important details about what to expect when entering the Job Center for the first time, and advice on how to successfully navigate the seemingly labyrinthine and intimidating process. With this video, the AHA hopes that all who enter the Job Center—both new and prior users, interviewees and search committee members—have a valuable and rewarding experience.

"Job Center: A How-To Guide for First-Time Users" was produced by the AHA’s Graduate and Early Career Committee (Elise Lipkowitz, co-chair); written by Elise Lipkowitz, Chris Hale, and Carl Ashley; narrated by Carl Ashley; and edited by Chris Hale. The video can be viewed on YouTube via the embedded link below and at the AHA’s Annual Meeting and Job Center web pages.

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