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Revisiting the Carnival

Elisabeth Grant | Apr 1, 2008

Just about a year ago, we put up a post here at AHA Today highlighting a number of history carnivals available online (with the help of Cliopatria’s history blogroll). For those not familiar with carnivals they are collections of links to other blogs’ articles, and usually focus on a specific topic. Carnivals can be the main focus of a blog, or an occasional feature of a blog (for instance, AHA Today’s weekly “What We’re Reading” posts could be considered a carnival posts, in a broad sense).

In this post we’re highlighting a handful of some recent carnivals, to remind you that they’re out there and describe some topics they cover (again, to see a more complete list of history carnivals visit the carnival section of the Cliopatria history blogroll).

It’s a carnival of carnivals, trying out what sites like the History Carnival Aggregator do daily (thanks to Jonathan Dresner for that link).

This post first appeared on AHA Today.

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