Leveling Up

Luke Clossey and Esther Souman decided to approach assessment in a new way. Blending their experience in paramedicine andgaming, they focused on helping students master specific, essential skills before “leveling up” to the next more difficult or creative assignment. They found that “Evaluating without Grading” enabled students to concentrate on skill mastery and offered themselvesflexibility. This issue features their reflection on this approach to students’ academic development.

Photo: Gabriel Izgi/Unsplash

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Perspectives on History October 2021 Cover. Navy blue cover with an image of an orange neon staircase and the tagline Leveling Up.


Ashley E. Bowen, editor
Laura Ansley, managing editor
Alana Venable, research and publications assistant
Alexandra F. Levy, digital communications coordinator
Liz Townsend, manager, data administration and integrity