The Fiction Issue

This month, Perspectives is talking all things historical fiction. In Townhouse Notes, Laura Ansley argues that historical romance novels are an important way history reaches the public. Alix E. Harrow, Suzanne Marie Litrel, and Laury Silvers describe their own forays into writing historical fiction across genres. Jeffrey Wasserstrom offers many ways to use fiction in history classes. Gillian Frank dives into midcentury pulp novels. And we publish the first piece of fiction in Perspectives’ nearly 60-year history by public historian Priya Chhaya. As the original cover art by Anne Lambelet encourages, we hope you find much to imagine in these stories rooted in history.

Illustration: Anne Lambelet (

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Perspectives on History December 2021 Cover. Teal cover with an illustration of a girl sitting in a treehouse reading books with an orange tabby cat at her feet. Above the treehouse is the night sky with a dragon, detective, knights, fairies, and aliens in the tree branches. Below the treehouse are historic landmarks around the world.


Ashley E. Bowen, editor
Laura Ansley, managing editor
Alana Venable, research and publications assistant
Alexandra F. Levy, digital communications coordinator
Liz Townsend, manager, data administration and integrity