Publication Date

November 1, 1989

Perspectives Section

AHA Annual Meeting

The theme for the 1989 meeting is “The French Revolution,” and all sessions specifically related to that theme have been noted in the “Schedule of Sessions” section of the Program mailed to members in October. In addition, the Program Committee has sought to include a selection of sessions dealing more broadly with the influence of the French Revolution throughout the world and with the general problem of revolution from the ancient period to the present. Members should check the Program’s topical index for a complete listing.

Highlights of the meeting include two opening sessions on the evening of the 27th: “Revolutionary Violence,”; and “Black Radicals on Revolution: Dubois, James, Cox, and Rodney.” In addition, members will be interested in two film-related sessions on the evening of December 29: a screening of Eyes on the Prize II and a session on film and the French Revolution which includes a complete screening of the Anthony Mann film The Reign of Terror, AKA The Black Book. All sessions will be held in the San Francisco Hilton and Tower.

All members should have received by now their printed program which contains the preregistration form for the meeting. The form should be returned to the headquarters office by December 8. The hotel reservation form appeared in the September issue of Perspectives.

Information on discount airfares to the meeting can be obtained from either American Airlines (toll free number: 1-800-433-1790, Star file number 069BD) or Delta Air Lines (toll free number: 1-800-221-2786, extension 569).


Child Care

A child care center, staffed by competent personnel, will offer services at the Hilton hotel during the upcoming AHA annual meeting. The center will be open for children (through the fifth grade) of registrants at the meeting, at a charge of $5.00 per hour. To preregister, write to Local Arrangements Chair Dr. Peter O. Pierson, Department of History, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA 95053 no later than December 8.