Publication Date

December 1, 2006

The AHA's Committee on Minority Historians (CMH) works to uphold—among other things—the principle that opportunity, fairness, and equity remain the benchmarks of American higher education. The CMH also recognizes the distressingly low level of participation of students from underrepresented groups in the historical profession and the need to meet the challenge of building a fair and equitable workplace by monitoring these ideals within the historical profession to foster an encouraging environment for minority participation at all levels.

Apart from the many other activities it undertakes to meet these goals, the CMH also maintains a dedicated web page on the AHA’s website¬†to provide information and helpful tools for all concerned.

The evolving CMH web pages offer practical suggestions on attracting, increasing, and retaining a diverse pool of students and practitioners. Diversifying the profession means broadening the curriculum with new paradigms and methodologies that include, not subsume, the histories of underrepresented groups.

In these web pages, you will find:

  • Publications that explore the influence of race, power, and gender in the discipline
  • links to AHA pamphlets with practical suggestions from experienced practitioners on how to teach minority histories
  • current listings of available funding resources; the latest reports on the status of women and minorities in the profession
  • and useful links to more specialized organizations

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