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December 1, 1996

New York City contains restaurants too numerous to count, reflecting foods prepared around the world. In the past decade, eating has joined theatergoing as a leisure-time activity, and restaurant reviews sometimes surpass theatrical reviews in the department of purple prose. The sudden proliferation of a particular cuisine often reflects an abrupt increase in immigration (Mexican, for instance, or Afghani). Guidebooks to restaurants occupy innumerable shelves in city bookstores, but because restaurants go in and out of business with little warning, no guidebook or list, including the list below, is writ in stone.

In general, the best single street anywhere near the AHA annual meeting hotels to go for very reasonable and rea: Uab1y well-cooked restaurant fare is 9th Avenue—three long blocks west of the Hilton (west is the direction of the Hudson River), from approximately 39th Street near the Port Authority terminal to 57th Street. Most of the restaurants there are "ethnic"—Afghani, Indonesian, Italian, Chinese, and Caribbean, for example. The "diners" listed below, near the hotels, are for the most part recent renditions of the older models, providing an updated version of "comfort" food. If you want something more authentic, go to the Market Diner, 572 11th Avenue (43rd Street), not far from the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, the sort of place-now frequented largely by commuters and truck drivers-that New York high school kids went to for breakfast four decades ago after staying out all night following the prom.

The following list provides names, addresses, and telephone numbers of restaurants that can be reached on foot from either the Hilton or the Sheraton. For the most part, prices are inexpensive to moderate which, in New York City, means "At a main course can reach $20. Some of • restaurants on the list have been vetted by members of the 1997 AHA Local Arrangements Committee; others have not.

A list of 9th Avenue restaurants, grouped together; four-star and expensive restaurants; "historic" restaurants with good food; Chinese and Indian restaurants not within walking distance; gay and lesbian restaurants; and new "mega bars" will be available at the annual meeting in the registration area and in the Local Arrangements Committee office in room 548 of the Hilton Hotel.

Afghan Kebab House: Two locations: 764 9th Ave. (51st-52nd Sts.). 307-1612. 155 W. 46th St. (6th-7th Aves.). 768-3875

Artusi: 36 W. 52nd 51. (5th-6th Aves.): 582-6900

Au Cafe: 1700 Broadway (53rd 51.). 757-2233

Broadway Diner: 1726 Broadway (55nd 51.). 765-0909

Brooklyn Diner: 212 W. 57th St. (Broadway-7th Ave.). 977-1957

Cabana Carioca: 123 W. 45th St. (6th Ave.-Broadway). 581-8088

Cafe Axum: 324 W. 49th St. 581-8265 (Ethiopian, Rastafarian, Jamaican influence)

Cafe des Sports: 329 W. 51st 51. 581-1283

Carnegie Deli: 854 7th Ave. (54th-55th Sts.). 757-2245

Century Cafe: 132 W. 43rd 51. 398-1988

Chantal Cafe: 257 W. 55nd St. (Broadway-8th Ave.). 246-7076

Chez Napoleon: 365 W. 50th 51. 265-6980

Ciao Europa: 63 W. 54th St. (5th-6th Aves.). 247-1200

Cite and Cite Grille: 120 W. 51st 51. (6th-7th Aves.). 956-7100

City Bakery: 550 Madison Ave. (55th-56th Sts.). 833-8020

Cupcake Cafe: 522 9th Ave. (39th St.). 465-1530

Ellen's Stardust Diner: 1650 Broadway (56th St.). 307-7575

Fashion Cafe: 51 Rockefeller Plaza. 765-3131

Garden Cafe (Museum of Modern Art): 11 W. 53rd St. (5th Ave.-Ave. of the Americas). 708-3719

Hamburger Harry's: 145 W. 45th St. (Ave. of the Americas-7th Ave.). 840-2756

Hard Rock Cafe: 221 W. 57th St. (Broadway-7th Ave.). 459-9320

Hourglass Tavern: 373 W. 46th St. (near 9th Ave.). 265-2060

Hurley's: 1240 Ave. of the Americas (49th St.). 765-8981

India Pavillion: 240 W. 56th St. (Broadway-8th Ave.). 489-0035

Ipanema: 13 W. 46th St. (5th Ave.-Ave. of the Americas). 730-5848

King's Chinese Cuisine and Mongolian Barbeque: 153 W. 36th St. (7th Ave.-Broadway). 629-8602

La Fondue: 53 W. 55th St. (5th Ave.-Ave. of the Americas). 581-0820

Le Soleil: 877 10th Ave. (W. 57th-58th Sts.). 581-6059 (Haitian)

Little Saigon Cafe: 374 W. 46th St. (9th Ave.). 956-0639

Lofti's: 358 W. 46th 91. (8th-9th Aves.). 582-5850

Lucky Star Deli: 214 W. 50th St. (Broadway-8th Ave.). 571-6881 (Senegalese)

Maru-Chan: 160 W. 54th St. (Ave. of the Americas-7th Ave.). 246-0955

Menchanko-Tei: 39 W. 55th 51. (5th Ave.-Ave. of the Americas). 247-1585

New World Grill: 329 W. 49th St. (8th-9th Aves.). 957-4745

Ollie's: 200 W. 44th 51. (Broadway-8th Ave.). 921-5988

Orso: 322 W. 46th St. (Restaurant Row). 489-7212

Oscar Grill (Hotel Wellington): 7th Ave. between 55th and 56th Sts.

Pasta Amore Trattoria: 315 W. 57th St. 315-4699

Pasta Lovers: Two locations: 158 W. 58th St. (Ave. of the Americas-7th Ave.). 582-1355. 142 W. 49th St. (Ave. of the Americas-7th Ave.). 819-1155

Patsy's Pizzeria: 61 W. 74th St. 579-3000 (a bit out of the neighborhood but a major bargain for excellent pizza)

Peruvian Restaurant: 688 10th Ave. (48th-49th Sts.). 581-5814

Piatti Pronti: 1221 Ave. of the Americas (48th-49th Sts.). 391-7800

Planet Hollywood: 140 W. 57th St. (6th-7th Aves.). 333-7827

Pomaire: 371 W. 46th St. (8th-9th Aves.). 456-3055 (Chilean)

Remi Bar and Garden: 145 W. 53rd 51. (Ave. of the Americas-7th Ave.). 581-4242

Rene Pujol: 321 W. 51st St. 246-3023

Sapporo: 152 W. 49th St. (6th-7th Aves.). 869-8972 (Japanese)

Smith and Wollensky: 797 3rd Ave. (49th St.). 753-1530

Star Diner: 839 7th Ave. (54th St.). 245- 3030

Tachigui-Soba: 732 7th Ave. (48th-49th Sts.). 265-8181 (Japanese)

Taco Madre: 1991 Broadway (57th-58th Sts.). 874-0556

Taprobane: 234 W. 56th St. (Broadway-8th Ave.). 333-4203 Trattoria Dell’ Arte: 900 7th Ave. (57th-56th Sts.). 245-9800

Viand: 673 Madison Ave. (61st-62nd Sts.). 751-6622

Wolf's 6th Ave. Delicatessen: 101 W. 57th 51. (6th Ave.). 586-1110

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