Publication Date

September 1, 1990

Perspectives Section

AHA Annual Meeting

The 1991 annual meeting of the Association will be held in Chicago, December 27–30. The Program Committee welcomes proposals by all members of the Association, by scholars in related disciplines, and by affiliated societies. The Committee, approved by the Council, consists of the following historians: Linda Hall, University of New Mexico (chair); Richard Griswold del Castillo, San Diego State University (cochair); Earl Bell, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools; Don Fixico, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Waldo Heinrichs, Temple University; Linda M. Heywood, Howard University; Stephen R. MacKinnon, Arizona State University; Carla Rahn Phillips, University of Minnesota; John C. Rule, Ohio State University; Linda K. Salvucci, Trinity University; and Donald Treadgold, University of Washington.

The theme of the conference is the quincentenary of the voyage of Columbus to America, a theme which will continue through the 1992 meetings. Panels are encouraged which emphasize comparative approaches to the encounter of European, native American, and African peoples. The committee hopes for a full exploration of perspectives on the quincentenary and welcomes papers and panels which present alternative viewpoints. In addition to quincentenary topics, the committee encourages submissions that cover all geographical areas and time periods. Of particular interest would be panels and presentations illuminating the historical background of the current social and political changes in Central and Eastern Europe.

Entire panels or workshops may be proposed. These proposals should include not only paper presenters but also chairs and commentators. Single paper proposals will also be considered, but chances for acceptance are enhanced by the presentation of a complete session. Session proposals should include a one-page abstract explaining 1) the significance and purpose of the session and 2) one-paragraph summaries of each paper. The name and address of the organizer of the session should also appear on that page. Names and addresses (please include a summer address and telephone number as well) for all session participants should be included. In addition, a brief curriculum vitae including papers presented for the last five years should be submitted for each participant. Please send six (6) copies of the proposals to Linda Hall, AHA Program Committee, Department of History, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131.

All participants in the annual meeting program, except for foreign scholars and scholars from other disciplines, must be bona fide members of the Association. Participants in the 1990 program will not be eligible to appear in the 1991 program except under extraordinary circumstances.

The Program Committee will hold its first meeting November 9–10, 1990. In order to be considered at the first meeting, proposals must be received by October 23, 1990. The final deadline for the submission of completed proposals is February 17, 1991. The guidelines under which the Program Committee operates begin on this page.