Teaching with Digital History

  • Public History in the Wild

    Perspectives Daily

    Rebecca S. Wingo and Lindsey Passenger Wieck | Jul 26, 2021

    When two historians swapped a syllabus over multiple semesters, it improved both the assignments and student experience.
  • Narratives and Counternarratives

    Perspectives Daily

    Allison Robinson | Dec 3, 2020

    Allison Robinson designed a project to help develop students' digital history skills.
  • Building Archives, Training Scholars

    Perspectives Daily

    Allison Robinson | Sep 3, 2020

    Working with two digital history projects during her MA studies taught Allison Robinson the value of digital work.
  • Using Digital History in the Classroom: Three Simple Principles

    Perspectives Daily

    John Rosinbum | Nov 14, 2019

    New to digital history? These three steps may help you incorporate #DigHist into your classroom.

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