Teaching Online

  • Going Remote

    Mary Lindemann | Aug 17, 2020

    History faculty did far more than just "make it work" during the pivot to remote teaching.
  • Remote Reflections: One Class, 55 Classrooms

    John Hopper | Jul 23, 2020

    A high school history teacher in rural Colorado describes how years of experience with remote teaching helped him adapt during COVID.
  • Remote Reflections: Mental Health during Crisis

    James Hysell | Jul 21, 2020

    When moving his four face-to-face classes online in the spring, James Hysell prioritized students' and his own mental health in course design.
  • The COVID Commencement

    Karen Lou | Jun 24, 2020

    How universities around the country created remote commencement ceremonies during COVID-19.
  • Remote Reflections: Learning in the Time of Corona

    Sarah Shurts | Jun 3, 2020

    Sometimes it is not a matter or making the past more engaging for students, it is a matter of engaging...
  • Learning Starts with People

    Brandon Morgan | Mar 26, 2020

    Though there isn't time this semester to build a whole online course, the principles that undergird online teaching and learning will help.
  • Leadership during Crisis

    Kathy Callahan | Mar 25, 2020

    For department chairs, communication and clear expectations for faculty, deans, and students are essential during the pandemic crisis.
  • Assessment in Remote Classes

    Cassandra L. Clark | Mar 24, 2020

    An experienced online educator has tips for assignments and assessment.
  • Before You Do Anything, Start Here

    Christina Ghanbarpour | Mar 20, 2020

    Make your online course materials accessible with these tips.
  • In the Virtual Classroom

    Sonja G. Ostrow | Mar 19, 2020

    With many courses moving to platforms like Zoom, Sonja G. Ostrow offers ideas for conducting history classes over video conferencing.

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