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  • The New Jersey Initiative

    Hank Bitten and Peter Porter | May 1, 2015

    New Jersey has reached a turning point in its approach to history instruction. The Standards and Model Curriculum recently adopted supports content st...
  • Pathogens of the Caribbean: The Prequel

    J. R. McNeill | Dec 1, 2014

    As this is my last column as an AHA vice president, it is high time I performed a public service. Here it is. Historians, look at the fine print befor...
  • The AP US History Wars: Is a Peace Process Possible?


    Jonathan Burack | Dec 1, 2014

    The History Wars are back. At issue is the new framework for the Advanced Placement US history program. One recent skirmish pitted conservatives on th...
  • THEMAS Is WWRN: Why STEM Students Need an H

    Peter A. Coclanis | Dec 1, 2014

    Should we be concerned that there’s no h in STEM? That history is missing out on the shift in student interest in recent years toward scientific and t...

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