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Council Decisions, May 2003

AHA Staff | Sep 1, 2003

At its meeting in Washington, D.C., held May 2–3, 2003, the AHA Council reached the following decisions:

  • Council meetings held on January 3 and 6, 2003, in Chicago during the 117th annual meeting.

  • Commended the AHA and AHR staff members on their stewardship of the Association's funds.

  • Approved the budget for 2003–04.

  • Approved $10,000 a year pledge for three years for a total of $30,000 to the National History Center initiative, the money to be released upon receipt of yearly reports on progress. Council will revisit its commitment to the project after three years.

  • Approved the composition of AHA members on the Joint AHA–OAH Committee on Part-time and Adjunct Employment.

  • Requested the Committee on Affiliated Societies to review the criteria for affiliation to the AHA.

  • Approved the 2005 Program Committee with a one-time addition of two Washington, D.C.,-based members to represent public historians and community college members.

  • Requested the Executive Committee to review the composition requirements for the Program Committee.

  • Approved the Professional Division's recommendation to end adjudication processes, with the understanding that the division will educate the profession about maintaining professional standards.

  • Approved the Professional Division's plans to significantly revise the Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct to reflect changes in policies on adjudication.

  • Approved the mission statement of the Professional Division.

  • Endorsed the Professional Division's proposal to generate new documents of "best practices" and "tip sheets" on a variety of subjects.

  • Renewed the term of the Task force on Public History for an additional year beginning in January 2004 (subject to receipt of a formal report from the task force).

  • Reappointed Arnita Jones to a second five-year term as executive director of the Association.

  • Agreed with the Research Division's recommendation of including two current members of the board of editors of the American Historical Review (along with the vice president of the Research Division) as members of the search committee to select the next editor of the AHR.

  • Endorsed the Oral History Association's guidelines for review of oral history.

  • Recommended that the Research Division develop new language for the annual meeting "Call for Papers" encouraging alternative formats for sessions.

  • Approved permanent membership of the AHA in the History Cooperative.

  • Approved three new members of the AHR's board of editors: Jan Lewis (Rutgers Univ., Newark; U.S. history to 1830, family, women), Robert Nye (Oregon State Univ.; European intellectual and cultural, modern Europe, modern France), and R. Bin Wong (Univ. of California at Irvine; post-1500 China, comparative social/economic, social theory).

  • Approved the joint AHA-OAH standards for part-time employment (see page 32).

  • Granted the AHA publications department's request to lift the moratorium on generating new publications and pamphlets.

  • Adopted the National Coalition for History's statement on the Iraqi heritage crisis (text in the May 2003 Perspectives).

  • Approved San Diego (with San Francisco as the backup city), for the location of the 2010 annual meeting and Chicago for the 2012 annual meeting.

  • Recommended that when nominations solicited from the AHA (by another organization) for an award for which historians are eligible, the AHA executive director and president will present the nominations to the Council for approval.

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