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  • Townhouse Notes

    From the Editor

    Allison Miller | Mar 1, 2016

    I learned to write in a high school journalism class. Even in my academic writing, I still use the skills it inculcated. I also live by the philosophy...
  • Wall Street's First Black Millionaire: Shane White's Prince of Darkness

    Elizabeth Elliott | Mar 1, 2016

    On February 27, 1828, 20-year-old Jeremiah Hamilton arrived secretly at Port-au-Prince Harbor, Haiti, aboard the brig Ann Eliza Jane. For the next few...
  • On "The Opportunity Costs of Remaining a Book Discipline"

    Letters to the Editor

    Marc Becker | Oct 1, 2015

    To the Editor:I agree with Lara Putnam (Perspectives on History, April 2015) that tenure guidelines should be more flexible, but the specifics of her ...
  • Transparency in Recruiting Reviewers for Journal Articles

    AHA Activities, From the Research Division

    AHA Staff | Jan 1, 2014

    The Research Division has become aware that some scholarly journals in history are attaching full copies of articles when initially contacting potenti...

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