Professional Life

  • “Leave the Meeting”

    Laura McEnaney | Jul 12, 2022

    Laura McEnaney looks back on three years as an AHA vice president.
  • Advocacy Briefs

    Rebecca L. West | Apr 28, 2022

    In March 2022, the AHA continued its Freedom to Learn initiative with letters to legislature in 12 states, along with other advocacy.
  • What’s Next?

    Allison Blakely, Jim Gardner, Linda K. Kerber, Asunción Lavrin, Joanne Reitano, and Richard White | Apr 14, 2022

    Though the job has ended, these retirees haven't left history behind.
  • On the Ordering of Affairs

    David MacLaren McDonald | Apr 13, 2022

    Even when it's an easy decision, a professor's retirement is a process that requires planning.
  • Stepping Away from the Job

    James Grossman | Apr 12, 2022

    If you're already doing what you love, what are the benefits of retiring?
  • The Academic Press Editor and You

    Brian Quinn | Apr 7, 2022

    Two sessions at AHA22 gathered book editors to offer advice on academic publishing.
  • Professor Coach

    James H. Sweet | Apr 6, 2022

    The parallels between coaching a high school football team, teaching a college class, and chairing a history department may not...
  • Advocacy Briefs

    Rebecca L. West | Mar 31, 2022

    Among other efforts, the AHA launches Freedom to Learn initiative to combat "divisive concepts" legislation.
  • Statement Condemning Russian Invasion of Ukraine

    AHA Staff | Mar 31, 2022

    The AHA Council approved this statement on February 28, 2022.
  • Flashpoints

    Leila Markosian, Kristen Shahverdian, and Alexandra F. Levy | Mar 29, 2022

    A new partnership between PEN America and the AHA addresses free speech in American democracy.

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