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AHR Opens Home Page on World Wide Web

AHA Staff | Oct 1, 1995

The American Historical Review now has a home in the World Wide Web. To see the AHR Web page, use Web browser software, such as Mosaic or Netscape (both available at no cost on the Internet), to open a session at hhtp://www.indiana.edu/~amhrev. The AHR home page offers various buttons and links. Just click on one with your mouse to view the cover of the latest issue of the AHR or to read the issue's table of contents or In This Issue section. The Web page also provides button links to the following information:

  • The Review: Information about how to receive the AHR, and how to submit articles and book reviews for publication.
  • Book Reviews: An application form that historians can fill out on line to become potential book reviewers for the AHR.
  • Articles: Summaries of the articles in the current issue.
  • Editorial Board: Members of the AHR editorial board and their affiliations.
  • Editors: The editor and association editor of the AHR, with links to their e-mail addresses.
  • Staff: The AHR editorial staff, with links to their e-mail addresses, World Wide Web home pages, resumes, and photographs.

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