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Activities of the Committee on Women Historians

AHA Staff | May 1, 1995

The Committee on Women Historians met in March and discussed:

  • a session at the 1997 AHA annual meeting on theorizing gender in a global context. The proposed roundtable would focus on Africa, eastern Europe, Asia, and the American West, since gender and theory are important to much of the current scholarship of diverse geographic areas.

  • a joint session with the Committee on Minority Historians on affirmative action.

  • a new pamphlet series on women's history in a global perspective with short essays focused primarily on geographic areas. Modeled after the AHA's New American History series, the short essays would be written for high school teachers, advanced placement students, and people interested in an introduction to women's history in a global context.

  • the committee statements on the Status and Hiring of Women and Minority Historians. The document is based on statistical data from the National Research Council and should be ready for distribution next year.


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