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Teaching the Civil War

AHA Staff | Mar 7, 2011

National History Education ClearinghouseLooking for classroom resources and ideas for teaching the American Civil War? In anticipation of the Civil War’s 150th anniversary, Teachinghistory.org’s History Education News (a bi-annual publication that provides K-12 educators with classroom resources, tools, and teaching methods) is exploring the causes, events and impact of this defining moment in American history. In this latest issue you will find:

  • Web site reviews, including a web site of freedmen’s letters, featuring fugitive slave John Boston’s letter to his wife who was still in bondage.
  • Video of a fourth grade class analyzing the song John Brown’s Body to learn about Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, reactions to the raid and the coming of the Civil War.
  • A lesson plan review about Civil War photography.
  • Links to booklists and other resources in response to a teacher’s question about military history resources in “Ask a Master Teacher.”

To request a copy or multiple copies of this free publication, visit teachinghistory.org/node/23853 or call toll-free (866) 539-8381.

Past Issues
For past issues of History Education News, and the resources they include, see Teachinghistory.org’s collection of PDFs online.

You’ll explore maps in History Education News volume 5, find a look at social issues in volume 4, consider material culture in volume 3, and study presidential issues in volume 2 (volume 1 is not available online).

History Education News volume 5

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