LGBTQ History

  • Heterophobia?

    Rebecca L. Davis | Mar 16, 2021

    When she put on her suit that morning, Rebecca L. Davis could not have predicted the questions she faced during her on-campus interview.
  • Soundtracks of Sisterhood

    Bonnie J. Morris | Oct 14, 2020

    As we approach the 50-year anniversary of women's music, the archivist of Olivia Records reflects on the movement.
  • Fearing a Fear of Germs

    Heather Murray | Oct 2, 2020

    During the HIV/AIDS epidemic the surgical mask was a sign of homophobia; COVID-19 may transform it into a gesture of communal solidarity.
  • BleachMan Says, “Clean It with Bleach!”

    Lindsey Passenger Wieck | Jun 22, 2020

    One HIV/AIDS public health campaign in San Francisco shows the importance of grassroots work.
  • Singular They

    Laura Ansley | Apr 1, 2020

    In 2019, Merriam-Webster declared "they" to be the Word of the Year, a singular pronoun that is also breaking through...
  • Making a People’s History

    Acadia Roher | Sep 16, 2019

    Documenting grassroots organizing in the South, a graduate student helps bridge generational divides. 
  • Grant of the Week: Martin Duberman Visiting Fellowship

    Karen Lou | Jun 27, 2019

    Applications for the Martin Duberman Visiting Fellowship are due July 31, 2019. 
  • Grant of the Week: LGBTQ Religious History Award

    Zoë Jackson | Nov 16, 2018

    The LGBTQ Religious Archives Network is accepting submissions for its annual LGBTQ Religious History Award.
  • What Is Trans History?

    Kritika Agarwal | May 1, 2018

    Twenty years ago, trans history was a marginal field of study. Today, it's vibrant and full of potential. But what...
  • The Importance of Place

    Genny Beemyn | Nov 1, 2017

    Two factors influencing DC's LGBT history have been federal jurisdiction and racial segregation.

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